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Kath's Office, llc provides professional transcription services for
businesses and individuals. 

We are equipped to transcribe digital sound files as well as micro and standard cassettes.

We are also equipped for video transcribing and video captioning.

If it’s recorded…We can transcribe it!

Arbitration, Articles, Books, Conference Proceedings, Correspondence, Depositions, Dictation, Disciplinary Hearings, Discussion Groups, Dissertations, Forums, Focus Groups, Interviews, Lectures, Letters, Manuals, Manuscripts, Memoirs, Meetings, Minutes, Notes, Presentations, Press Conferences, Proposals, Research Interviews, Reports, Seminars, Scripts, Seminars, Speeches, Teleconferences, Thesis, Video Tapes.


The professional industry standard allows one hour to transcribe 15 minutes of good quality, clearly recorded speech.  Therefore it can take a minimum of four hours to transcribe a 60 minute recording.  Transcribing group recordings can take much longer.  

One may think it should only take one hour to transcribe one hour of recording.  That would be nice, but in reality we speak much faster than we can write or type.  It is accepted that we speak four times faster than we can type and speak seven times faster than we can write.  Poor quality recordings will increase the transcription times even further.   

Some things to consider when recording are:

·        Record in a quiet area
·        Use only new, good quality tapes                                                     ·        Use a good quality microphone                                                        
·        Keep the microphone close to the speakers and remind them to speak slowly and clearly
·        Remind speakers in a group not to speak over one another

If you have a transcription project to complete, please email us at
ash@kathsoffice.com for a quote or call us at 608-554-3752 – we’ll get back to you within one hour! 

 We'll…get it done!